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“Κάθε πράγµα στον καιρό του, κι ο κολιός τον Αύγουστο”
“Everything in its time and mackerel in August.”
The English equivalent: “All in good time” or “Cross your bridges when you come to them”.

“Η καµήλα δεν βλέπει την καµπούρα της”
“The camel does not see her own hump.”
We eagerly see other people’s faults but fail to see our own.
The English equivalent: “Take the plank out of your own eye before you take the mote out of someone else’s” or “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

“Kάλλιο πέντε και στο χέρι, παρά δέκα και καρτέρι.”
“It’s better to have five in your hand, than ten lurking elsewhere.”
The English equivalent: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

“Κάλλιο να σου βγει το µάτι παρά το όνοµα.”
“It’s better to lose an eye than to get a bad name.”
If one gets the reputation of being something, it is very hard to get rid of it.

“Η γλώσσα κόκαλα δεν έχει, αλλά κόκαλα τσακίζει.”
“The tongue has no bones, yet it crushes bones.”
This is the equivalent of “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

“Μην φυτρώνεις εκεί που δεν σε σπέρνουν.”
“Don’t sprout where you haven’t been planted.”
Do not interfere/meddle in the affairs or discussions of others. Quite simply, “Mind your own business”!

“Όταν η φτώχια µπαίνει µέσα από την πόρτα, η αγάπη βγαίνει έξω απ’ το παράθυρο.”
“When poverty comes in through the door, love goes out through the window.”
Financial problems in a home affect loving relationships.

“Ο λύκος κι αν εγέρασε κι άσπρισε το µαλί του, ούτε την γούνα του άλλαξε, ούτε την κεφαλή του.”
“Even though the wolf aged and his fur is white, he neither changed his skin nor his head.”
When a person is bad to begin with, this doesn’t change in old age.
The English equivalent: “The leopard cannot change his spots.”

“Όποιος καεί στο γάλα φυσάει και το γιαούρτι.”
“Whoever gets burnt by the (hot) milk blows on the (cool) yogurt.”
When someone has had a bad experience they tend to be overcautious. For example, someone who has been betrayed does not trust anyone anymore. Akin to “Once bitten, twice shy.”

“Όταν ο µήνας δεν έχει ρώ (ρ) το κρασί θέλει νερό.”
“When the month has no “R” in it, put water in your wine.”
In Greece, during the hot months of the summer, one must be careful with his alcohol consumption.


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