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Sigalas winery is located amongst the vineyards on the cascading fields below Oia village, on route to the beaches of Baxedes and Koloumbos. These fields are ideal for cultivating grapes as they are stepped one below the other and the soil is volcanic providing the perfect terrain for vines. Unfortunately, some locals gave up viticulture for “tourism-culture” and built apartments for rent on this prime land for cultivation. However, the increase in popularity of Greek wines during the past decade has persuaded others to replant their fields and thus reap the benefits of growing superior quality grapes.

The Sigalas winery has a charming tasting room and a cool shaded terrace to enjoy the wines and local mezedes that are on the menu (the fava is a must!). One can of course purchase wine on the spot and can even arrange to get it shipped back home. Our favorite red wine of theirs is Sigalas Mavrotragano whereas Sigalas Santorini is a uniquely refreshing white wine.


This is an award-winning varietal dry red wine which is produced and bottled on the Sigalas estate. Mavrotragano is an indigenous variety that nearly became extinct but has started to become popular again with its strong characteristics and red velvet nose. There are few vineyards on the island with Mavrotragano vines most of which have recently been planted due to the renewed popularity, but there are some 50 year-old vines as well. The wine is aged for 18 months in new oak barrels and can be bottle-aged for at least 7 years.

As the winery suggests, this robust wine pairs nicely with a ham and cheese platter or roast meats. It deserves to rest for a few minutes after the bottle has been opened so do plan to enjoy it relaxed on your terrace or veranda while taking in the view from IKIES .


One of Sigalas’ most popular and earliest wines, this “prize winner” is produced with the island’s most planted white grape variety, Assyrtiko. It is one of those wines that can almost guarantee an instant love affair! Ripe citrus fruit on the nose and a delightful aftertaste with a bright blonde straw color.
We would definitely recommend that you taste this wine during your stay in Greece and enjoy it with fresh Greek dishes ranging from a greek salad with feta cheese to fresh grilled fish.

Please do ask the reception at IKIES for directions to get to the winery as well as operating hours as these may vary depending on the month.


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