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Packing your suitcase for your trip to Santorini is an exciting experience - some people pack days in advance, while others leave it all to the last minute. Whichever category you are in, it is worth having a look at our Essential List, which will also give you some help on what you will really need and also what not to bring. Apart from your clothes and fashion accessories, there are a number of items to bring with you that will make your stay absolutely perfect. So, think ‘travel light’, leave space in your case for souvenirs and pack smart with our useful guide.

Electrical Adaptor
If you just can’t live without your laptop or other electrical gadgets and live in a country that uses 110V electricity, you will need to bring at least one electrical adaptor for 220V (50Hz) power outlets, which is the voltage in Greece. Make sure that you read the manual of all your electrical appliances to see if they can handle the different voltage too. If your appliance can’t adjust to the difference in power supply, you should also bring a transformer, which lets you adjust from 120V to 220V safely.

Cotton On
In terms of clothing, summer in Santorini is very hot and comfort really is the main priority. Whatever your style or taste, what we do suggest is that your clothes and underwear are cotton based and definitely not synthetic, which is very uncomfortable and will not keep you cool. Looking smart or glamorous can still be achieved with natural, organic fabrics and your island vacation will be simply a breeze if you also stick to loose fitting outfits.

When exploring the island, it is common sense to wear flat, comfortable footwear. One thing to also remember is that natural leather shoes and sandals are much better than synthetic materials. By all means bring a pair of flip-flops for the pool area or for wandering around but if you intend to go on a more adventurous walk, a sturdy pair of comfortable shoes will become your next best friend!

Money Matters
One thing to remember is that the currency of Greece is the Euro so, if you are not from the euro-zone, then you will need to exchange some money before you arrive. Of course your credit/debit cards are accepted in most venues, shops and restaurants, but you will still want to have some cash on you. ATM machines are widely available, although you may incur a higher charge from your bank for the transactions.

Licensed to Explore
If you are feeling intrepid and thinking of renting a moped or car when on Santorini, then you will need to produce not only your driving license but also, technically speaking, an International Driving Permit (IDP). Although you probably won’t be asked to produce such documentation when renting a vehicle, it is wise to make sure that you have the necessary paperwork, just in case.

Liquid tips
To make your suitcase lighter and your travel easier, we highly recommend that you use sample-sized toiletries, that is, less than 100 ml in volume for each bottle. Not only will they get you through security quicker if you are only bringing a carry-on bag, but there is also really no need to be weighed down by heavy shampoo bottles or shower gel when the bathroom of your suite at Ikies Traditional Houses is already supplied with natural Greek products.

Health First
It goes without saying that you should always have travel insurance when going abroad. It is also wise to arrange some sort of medical insurance and if you are coming from a country within the European Union, make sure that you bring a copy of your government-issued paperwork which entitles you to free health care in the event it is needed when in Greece.


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