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Boutique Nominee 2017
Tourism Awards 2017
2017 Nominee
Best of Santorini


Naim, a.k.a. Stavros the Tiger (!), first came to work at IKIES back in 2000, just when the property had been transformed into a boutique hotel. He had already been on Santorini for a few years having “jumped boat” from Albania in hope of a better future.

Stavros has been indispensable to the operation from the very start by helping out in almost all positions at the hotel.  Besides carefully hauling up and down guest luggage from the parking lot to the suites and rooms during arrivals and departures, he is also in charge of preparing and serving breakfast to each guest’s terrace every morning. He is also responsible for the property’s maintenance throughout the year and knows how everything works and how everything should work!

He takes great pride in his work and loves every aspect of it, especially breakfast preparation. His cappuccino is to die for and he claims the cream is so perfectly made that even an elephant could stand on it! One only needs to watch his meticulous preparation of a “frappe” ice coffee to understand his enthusiasm for his task at hand!

His English is limited and although shy and embarrassed to speak it he does understand a lot so please feel free to ask him for assistance if needed! As for his future, well, you’ll just have to ask him in person…



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