Taverna “Metaxi Mas” (Just Us)

Boutique Nominee 2017
Tourism Awards 2017
2017 Nominee
Best of Santorini


I guess what is great about Metaxi Mas is the fantastic raki (firewater) they serve upon arrival with olives and cheese. But then again, the grilled mushrooms are so good they can actually persuade you to return for dinner the next day. Or would it be the rocket/arugula salad with sun-dried tomatoes and citrus fruit? For sure one has to mention the beef medallions with a beer and brown sugar sauce or otherwise we would be “discriminating”!

Located in Exo Gonia on the eastern side of Pyrgos (a village just south of Fira which used to be the capital of Santorini), the taverna offers a soothing view towards Kamari and the island of Anafi. You will probably need directions to get there as it is not one of those restaurants with bright lights on the main road, but by no means should you be discouraged by this. Either ask one of us at the reception or you could even download our IKIES Hotel App which is available on both iTunes and the Android market.

Do we recommend you have a meal at Metaxi Mas? Definitely YES! Combine your visit to the village of Pyrgos or your swim at Kamari beach with a lovely meal at this agonizingly laid-back setting. If you have already been there we would love to learn about your favorite dish and comments.



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