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Finally, after months of planning, your trip to Santorini is upon you! The anticipation is overwhelming, suitcases are dusted off, checklists are checked and among all this excitement, it’s not uncommon for small details to be missed.

Here you will find a few suggestions which will help get your trip off to a smooth start.
• Mark your suitcase with something unique. It could be a bright coloured ribbon tied to the handle or a funky cover, anything that will make someone think twice before accidentally picking up your suitcase, mistaking it for their own. 

• Take a photo of your passport and email it to yourself. In the unpleasant event that you lose your passport, this will help you prove your citizenship. Have a second form of ID with you as well. 
• Bring enough medication for any health issues that you are undergoing treatment for. Trying to find the same drugs here could be challenging, if not impossible.   

Santorini is a unique, world famous destination of breathtaking beauty. Nevertheless, it remains a small island in the middle of the Aegean sea. Even though this is part of its magic, it also means that not everything can be available at short notice.
• Make sure that you have informed the hotel in advance of any special requirements, such as dietary restrictions, food allergies, medical conditions, or even that special treat which you want to surprise your loved one with.  Given the time, we will try our best to cater to your every need.

The island receives thousands of visitors daily. This means that it’s not always very easy to find a taxi or a transfer on the spot. That can lead to confusion and wasted time, which is better spent on your room’s terrace with a chilled glass of wine.
• Ask us to help you arrange for a transfer to take you to IKIES, or if you decide to rent a car, we can also help with directions to the hotel. Google Maps is not always very reliable on our little island.
• Inform the hotel about your arrival, even if you don’t require a transfer. This will help us be better prepared to welcome you, help you with your suitcases down the many steps and ensure an easy check-in.

Our island is growing and evolving every year. There are though, still those unique spots that we love and keep close to our hearts and we are always happy to share them with our guests.
• Have a look at the information email you will receive prior to your arrival.  If you have a specific day and time on which you want to book an activity, it is best to do so in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Last but not least, it may be a good idea to memorize the following Greek words: 
Yia sou (Hello), 
Parakalo (Please/You are welcome) 
Efcharisto (Thank you).

Santorinians don’t expect visitors to be fluent in Greek, but you will find that a few words along with a winning smile can go a long way! Besides, you will want to say thank you to the grandma that you meet in the village of Foinikia, who will try to force-feed you grapes from her garden.

We wish you a safe trip and look forward to seeing you very soon!


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