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Christina Tsirogianni

Christina is the ‘new kid on the block’ at IKIES and has taken no time at all to fit in with the rest of us. She is from a small village in the mainland, but always dreamed of living on an island. 

Being a foodie herself, she made a point of visiting many of the restaurants of Santorini and now can suggest the right place for every appetite. We admire her multitasking skills and sweet demeanor that makes her so popular among our guests, whom she is always eager to help with, whether that is a restaurant, a beach, an excursion or a last minute flight!

When she is not working, Christina treats her neighbors with the gift of music as she enjoys singing (more than eating) and does not miss a chance to practice with her favorite songs.  During the winter, there is no place too far for her to travel to, especially if it means that she will get to attend her favorite band’s concert.



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