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If the Acropolis is closed (i.e. an unfortunate strike) or it is a scorching hot day, then your Athens visit to-do list for should start with the Acropolis Museum. It is located just below the Acropolis and very close to a metro/subway station (named after the monument) and minutes away from the quaint Plaka area (which by-the-way should also be on your to-do list). The museum operates from 8 to 8 all week-long except Mondays (don’t ask why…) and the general admission fee is 5 euros.

A visit to the Acropolis Museum offers a variety of things to do and to see. While strolling through the galleries one gets a chance to see both permanent and temporary exhibitions with findings from the slopes around the Acropolis. One may also watch conservators restoring the famous Caryatids and depending on the weekday, brief presentations by archaeologists are held in the galleries. Besides the museum shops, restaurant and café, there is also a reading area with free Wi-Fi and a video projection about the Parthenonsculpted decoration. Finally, one must not miss the stunning view to the Acropolis from the 3rd floor.



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