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Santorini used to be called “Strongili” (round) because of its circular shape but roughly 3,625 years ago a huge volcanic eruption sent most of the island’s inner parts into the air leaving behind huge gaping holes and rifts that were quickly filled by the surrounding sea. Santorini’s current crescent shape and immense caldera (one of the largest in the world) are proof of the violent eruption that shook the Mediterranean sea and some say caused the end of the Minoan civilization.

Although the volcano’s current status is restless (last eruption was in 1950 but its magnitude was very light) some say that the next one in turn to erupt is a dormant volcano named Kolumbo, just 8 klm off Santorini’s northern shores… Due the number of volcanoes in the area, it is quite common to have very slight tremors and “baby” earthquakes. It is said that the constant vibe in the area is one of the reasons people fall instantly in love with Santorini and sleep so well while visiting!



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